Wyoming-Chamber is a blog dedicated to my passion for business. I hope that my site will be able to help any new entrepreneurs on the block to find their footing in this crazy business world! So what are you waiting for? Enter the Wyoming-Chamber of Secrets.

Russel Maiwenn

Business Coach For Conquering Entrepreneurs

Recently, a customer told me about his difficulty proposing and selling offers at $5000. He felt uncomfortable, not legitimate and doubted his ability to succeed in the business work. This is what is commonly known as impostor syndrome. This syndrome has nothing to do with your value, your skills, your know-how, but just with your self-esteem. I am here to boost it!

I regularly meet with inspiring entrepreneurs, which have driven much of the diverse but always exciting content I provide here. These entrepreneurs come from all sectors: service companies, freelancers, start-ups who have all become successful business people respectively.