Being a cosmetics wholesaler means thinking about the retailer and the final consumer. This is because it is the customer that everyone is trying to please. This is particularly so when it comes to packaging. The product must make the entire journey protected by the chosen packaging. Also, the packaging will need to please that final consumer in its appearance. Perhaps another person after that, when many cosmetics will be given as a gift.

In terms of wholesale cosmetic packaging, it will need to be protective of the perfume so that it cannot become contaminated, or its receptacle be broken during transit. The packaging will also need to please the eye in terms of the container’s label or box representing the luxury brand.

Pleasing the Retailer

A retailer will be looking for packaging that will both inform and entice the customer to buy. This will be because it is colourful in appearance and its descriptions relate directly to the product. The descriptions on the packaging will promote the brand as much as display the ingredients of the cosmetic product.

Ensuring the End Consumer is Happy

There are certain ingredients consumers will look at on the packaging, for example, hypoallergenic. This will mean that the product will result in fewer allergic reactions. The term was used in a 1963 ad campaign for cosmetics but thought to have been coined as early as 1940.

Another word that the consumer will look for is that the product contains Aloe Vera. They will then know that the product will heal wounds and soothe burns. Aloe Vera is also reported to reduce the swelling associated with arthritis, deal with strains and sprains, gum infections, and eye irritations. It is an amazing ingredient and one that you would wish to find in any cosmetic product. It is a definite selling point when choosing your products as a wholesaler or retailer.

In terms of pleasing the eye, customers will look for a brand they know and trust. Packaging will identify the brand. Also, consumers will consider how luxurious the packaging makes the product look when the cosmetics are for a birthday present for someone special. We need to think about what the product’s final market may be to understand the demand for the product at every stage.

Ensuring Undamaged Products

Products must arrive undamaged. The wholesaler will not want to be sending them back and the final consumer may not have time to buy a replacement when it was for a present. Worse still, they give the present and the recipient finds it damaged. This is bad for reputations and unlikely to result in repeat purchases. Good packaging will contribute to avoiding this scenario.

One of the best types of materials for protecting cosmetics is glass. This is because there is no way for it to become contaminated and so the product will reach the consumer in perfect condition. We would expect this from a luxury brand. Consumers know that they pay for packaging and so expect it to be protective as well as appealing. When we give a gift, we do not want to be the one wrapping it up to protect it, as well as gift wrapping it.


At no stage should marketing be ignored. A wholesaler will need to promote their product to a retailer just as much as a retailer advertises it to a final consumer. In a physical or online store, this will mean displaying the item correctly. They may use an example of the item out of the box, but then a good box should make it clear what the item inside is and looks like and how it functions. Online, digital marketing can be used. This will mean considering SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to increase a company’s ranking in search lists, writing engaging content for the company website, linking up with other websites that complement the product, and engaging with social media as much as possible. It is important to regularly contribute to social media to keep the branding message going.

As a cosmetics wholesaler, you have a double responsibility. That is to ensure that the product arrives safely at the retailer’s door and in suitable packaging so that the final consumer will be happy with their product. Otherwise, the retailer will look elsewhere for their cosmetic products or whatever else it is that is being supplied to them.