Who am I?

An engineer by training, I very quickly took on responsibilities by managing teams, major clients, and corporate accounts within a consulting firm. After having developed agencies and subsidiaries, I set up my own structure in Wyoming. As I was sitting in a conference room with all the managers, I quickly understood that they were not or were poorly supported. This is why Wyoming Chamber was created. The blog is illustrating and extending that space in which I was counseling entrepreneurs, but it has now the power to reach tons of people all over the globe.

My career path

It was when I realized that I would need a coach in these moments of doubt that I began to train myself in coaching. By accompanying managers from all backgrounds, I realized after a few years of practice, that my focus was mainly on entrepreneurs, those I call value creators. Because an entrepreneur is not a leader like any other.

A specific methodology must be applied because more than any other manager, the value creator must be aligned with all the dimensions of his life. His family, professional, and even spiritual objectives are linked. By taking into account my successes and learning from my failures, I have developed my method which is a real alternative to the usual coaching.

My Values

WORK: There are no miracles. It is your work that will pay off first. What I suggest is that you change your way of working, your relationship to work, to make it as efficient as possible.

EXPERIENCE: I’ve had failures. I have enjoyed success. It’s also this experience of reality that I have at heart to transmit.

LOCAL EXCELLENCE: I wanted to create a method that takes into account our particularities in order to help those who want to maintain the excellence of our country – and Wyoming in particular.

My method to succeed

The creation and development of a company require total involvement. You can be self-taught and start your own business, but it is risky. I discovered this at my own expense when I created my first company. It is necessary to put in place solid foundations to build success and have convincing results. I offer you a simple and structured method specially designed for coaches, consultants, and experts and which has proven itself.

Entrepreneurship can be learned

Setting up your company, making it last, growing it: so many key steps that may be yours right now. You have made the choice to create value and to take the risk. You can be proud of that. If you want to strengthen your project, confront your impressions, overcome the obstacles, you will find on this blog testimonials, advice, keys to move forward.


Good luck on Wyoming Chamber.

Russel Maiwenn